Remove Windows Malware, Dell UltraSharp U3417W review, Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter Teardown, New to Linux? --TekThing 90

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Slide to Unlock? Holding down the home button to unlock your phone driving you nuts? Here's the fix, and some of our fave new iOS 10 features!

Apple Lightning to Headphone Jack Teardown We tore off the outer cover of Apple's Headphone Jack Adapter, removed the welded steel inserts, and went looking for a Digital to Analog Converter!

Remove Malware & Recover Photos Zebulon's kids infected a laptop with malware... we've got ideas for retrieving old photos and files on the PC, and step by step instructions on how to remove malware from Windows: Safe Mode, Disc Cleanup, and tools like AVG, and MalwareBytes are a good start!

Learn Linux? If you want to learn Linux, Ubuntu is a good to start with, the Absolute Beginner's Guide is an huge help, has tons of ideas, and The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction is worth buying! (Also, check out Shannon's command line tutorials!) 
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Dell UltraSharp U3417W Review Dell's replacing the U3415W with a new widescreen panel, the U3417W. We talk about the curvier screen, new features, how 3440x1440 compares to 4K monitors, and if it's worth upgrading to!

Logi ZeroTouch vs. Google Now? Stephen has a question about our Logitech ZeroTouch review, and writes on, "What does that app/connector give you that Google now doesn't?" Answers in the video!
Do Something Analog! Patrick saw nebula, planets and more through the three telescopes at Chabot Space & Science Center
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