Dump AdBlock Plus! Epson FastFoto FF-640 Review, Peak Design Everyday Tote, NVMe & XPoint Explained! -- TekThing 91

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Epson's FastFoto FF-640 Scan a "photo per second at 300 dpi?" How good do they look? Can Epson's FastFoto keep thousands of photos organized? Find out in our review!

Ham Radio Fun! Shannon passed her Technician test at DerbyCon, and she's legal to transmit. Got some recommendations on radios and projects to start with? 

Peak Design Everyday Tote How did Peak Design's new camera bag, the Everyday Tote, hold up to hauling podcasting gear cross country? Find out in the video!

Dump AdBlock Plus! Christopher Soghoian tweeted, "Adblock Plus takes a 30% cut from ad firms in exchange for showing "acceptable ads" to users. Just use uBlock Origin" Find out why in the video. Avoid the uBlock Origin that shows up under Apps (scam) you want uBlock Origin by gorhill under Extensions in the Chrome Web Store!

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What Is NVMe? Don posted on patreon.com/tekthing: “I got a question about NVME... what is it? Lol.” We explain why NVM Express SSDs are faster than SATA SSDs!

3D Xpoint Optane QuantX Tech? Scot Shabalam posted on YouTube.com/TekThing, "Should I wait until Intel releases 3D Xpoint technology before buying a new PC? Xpoint is going to make all these laptops and consoles obsolete. " Not sure we agree this new memory tech will do that, watch the video to find out why!

Do Something Analog! Raphael cut a tree, built a bow, and got his archery on! SO AWESOME!
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