AMD Ryzen, Vega Update, ZTE Axon 7, DIYZ, AmpME, Intel TrueKey, Compute Card, 3D Printers @CES 2017! -- TekThing 107

AMD Vega leaks, and hands on w/ Ryzen, affordable Android Phones from ZTE USA, 3D printers, walking on Mars, Intel's new Compute Modules, and sooooo much more from CES 2017!!! --TekThing 107
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ZTE AXON 7 & Blade V8 Pro A bunch of you want a review of ZTE's $400 carrier unlocked Axon 7, “The Best Sounding and Listening Smartphone.” We’ll try to get it in, hope it doesn't have the Blade V8 camera issue we ran into... details in the video!
AMD Ryzen & Vega: AMD had demo boxes running Doom on ultra settings at 4K on Ryzen CPUs and protypes of their new Vega GPUS DOOM  Are there motherboards? Are they overclockable? Pricing info? Ship date? Check the video! 
Walk On Mars! NASA collabed with Microsoft Hololens to allow CES attendees to walk on Mars and see the Mars Rover in VR.... how well did it work? Watch the show!
Elac Adante Speakers Andrew Jones was back at CES with another sweet sounding set of speakers for Elac, the  Adante AS61. $2500 a pair, but that's nothing compared to to the cost of Revel's incredible sounding Salon 2!
Hover Selfie Drone Hover's been on the market since 2016, but new features -it can auto detect and track your face- were announced at CES! 
Intel Compute Cards Intel has some new NUC PCs… but the big surprise was the Intel Compute Card,  a credit card sized PC designed for smart IoT. 
Das Keyboard 5Q Ok, there was a Kickstarter for the 5Q earlier this year, but I liked it a lot more after seeing it running live... find out why in the video! Four to one heat shrink? Milspec? Glue lined? All the colors? Check Also heat guns, and so much more!
Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GMaster Lens Low light performance?  Indoor portraits? Love bokeh??? Sony's FE 85mm F1.4 GMaster lens isn't cheap, but it's a serious tool to help you create stunning photos!
DIYZ, AmpMe, Intel True Key CES isn’t just shiny hardware, find out why DIYZ, AmpMe, and Intel's True Key are Shannon’s Top 3 Apps from CES 2017!!!3D Printing at CES 2017 Chris emailed, "Please show us the latest in 3d printing.  surely, there must be something life changing coming in 2017, since this technology is now far from new!" We've got 10 3D Printing picks from CES in the show! 
In Home Internet of Things??? Peter writes, "What i would like to see at CES is IoT NOT connected to some external insecure supplier, but an all inside your house solution.  Why should we "trust" some vendor with our door locks, surveillance cameras, etc?" We've got answer, along with tips on how to secure your IoT gadgets with your router, in the video! 
Do Something Analog: go get some water and hydrate like you're in Vegas!
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