Best VPN, Video Editing On A Gaming Laptop, Razer Blade, Stop Changing Passwords, Echo Alexa Apology -- TekThing 108

What's the best VPN? Video editing on a gaming laptop. (Razer's Blade is sweet!) Stop changing passwords so often, an Echo Alexa Apology, and more!!!
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We Won't Say Alexa Again! Judith (and about a zillion other folks) wrote, "I am watching the Tekthing CES 2017 show on  Roku. You mentioned A L E X A ‘S name continuously at the beginning of the show. My Amazon Echo went crazy." Our bad! 
Best VPN? Hadi from Houston was overwhelmed when he started looking for a VPN, and "ended up with What do you think of this VPN? Could you recommend any other VPNs? What VPN do you use and for what?" We talk about TorrentFreak's excellent guides, PIA, aka Private Internet Access, why is probably fine, and more in the video! 
3 Bargain Tech Tools For Geeks! Actually, we've got four geeky tech tools Patrick uses all the time, and all of 'em cost under $20: Find out why the Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer, Digital Calipers, Aven's 17010 Adjustable Circuit Board Holder, and Irwin Vise-Grip's Self Adjusting Strippers are so useful in the show!
Video Editing On A Razer Blade Gaming Laptop Shannon needed a laptop that could render HD footage quickly while at CES, and she didn't want to lug around a desktop... wondering how a Windows gaming laptop like the Razer Blade 2016 holds up to video editing? Watch the video! 
How Often Should I Change My Password? Nick writes, "I use a password manager, I have a long complicated master password. Should I regularly change the master password too, if so, how often?"  Chances are you change your passwords too often. Find out why in the video! 
Fast File Transfer Speeds Doug H tweets "@TekThing needed to share something nerdy. My current in-house network file transfer speeds” Can you beat those speeds? Email!
Do Something Analog... Like clean your gutters!!! (It’s the rainy season here in NorCal...)
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