3 Awesome Gmail Tools, Skip The TacLight, Fakespot Fake Amazon Reviews, Opera VPN, Meitu Tracks You! --TekThing 109

3 Great Gmail Tools, Skip The TacLight, Meitu Tracks You, Fakespot Amazon Reviews, Samsung Note 7 Apology, more! 
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Samsung Note 7 Apology Sunday night Samsung streamed a 50 minute apology/explanation for the Note 7 phones on fire debacle
Better Than Bell & Howell TacLight Joel, aka @jj_4884, tweeted, "Thoughts on the "Bell+Howell TacLight"?" Sure! You should check out the TacLight review grade on Fakespot.com, We'd rather have an UltraFire, or Surefire's G2X LED,  and Patrick prefers to pack a Black Diamond Gizmo headlamp... find out why in the video! 
3 Incredibly Useful Gmail Tools! Need to tame your inbox? Try Gmail's Canned Responses, learn some awesome Keyboard Shortcuts, and how to Label Archives in the video! 
Meitu Tracks You! Threat Wire Security Brief: Meitu, a super cute kawaii selfie editing app from a company based in China, asks for some odd permissions, and collects IMEI data. (For advertisement reasons?) More info in the video, and, hey Threat Wire now has an RSS feed for downloading!
Should I Run My VPN 24/7? Mark writes, "A few follow-up questions to your recent segment about the best VPN: Is it a good idea to use a VPN 24/7 from home? Is it a BAD idea to use a VPN 24/7 from home? Do you guys use your VPN from home, or only while out and about?"
Opera VPN? Several folks, like WyrdGary, asked “what do you think of opera VPN? Safe enough for banking on the go?” Some folks are concerned that Opera was purchased by a Chinese conglomerate... more info on that here!
Did Shannon Find A LastPass vulnerability? Well, no, I didn't, but I definitely thought I did. Turns out this happens with Lastpass's offline mode... how to fix it in the video! 
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