Google Home Mini Review, Surface Pro External Battery, USB-C Charging Hell, Everybody Hates Canary! -- TekThing 148

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Canary Starts Charging For Free Services What do you do when your security cameras become useless... if you don't pay a monthly fee? Owners of Canary security cameras (Yo, Shannon!) find out this week! (And maybe start looking for a substitute!) Hopefully this isn't a trend... 
Google Home Mini We've got a review of Google's Home Mini vs. Amazon's Echo Dot ... and whether or not Google's catching up to Amazon's lead in voice control in the video! 
Battery Charging The Surface Pro Stefan wants "an external power bank to power my Surface Pro 3 but would also like to have the option of USB-C for future gadgets." You'll need a battery w/ 12V output (Lizone's QC 24000mAh battery comes with the Surface charging cable you'll need.), and some kind of USB Type-A to Type-C adapter. Be careful what USB-C cables you buy, and here's "The impossible dream of USB-C."
Krack Attack Question Ron emailed, "I think you made an error on your coverage of the WiFi Krack attacks. Steve Gibson says the attack affects only clients, not access points, so updating routers is not necessary. The exception would be if the router acts as a client in any way, like a bridge, range extender, wireless distribution system, or mesh router." We talk about router updates for Krack, MAC address filtering, and more in the video! 
Find A Local Maker Faire Patrick's family had a lovely time at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire... it's easy to check if there's a Maker Faire near you
Do Something Analog! Like Sam, who writes, "As an automotive technology analyst, I spent a good portion of my days talking and writing about automated and connected vehicles. To compensate, I have a highly analog car that that I take out and drive to go nowhere in particular." Find out what Sam drives in the video! 
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