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Kickstarter = Gambling? The OSSIX X 3D headphones Patrick backed on Kickstarter have been delayed again... so far Patrick's had a 100% success rate, but most projects have been a year or more late! Have you had a Kickstarter or Indiegogo fail? Comment down below!!!
Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Review It's still shaped like a cylinder, though smaller, packing new speakers, and offering some more aesthetically pleasing cover options. The Amazon Echo 2nd Gen also costs half as much as the original Echo. Should you upgrade? Is it time to buy your first voice control system? Watch the video! 
Dell XPS 13 8th Gen CPU Upgrade Dell's XPS 13 is incredibly popular, with good reason! The new 9360 model packs a Kaby Lake Refresh 8th generation Core i7-8550U. Find out how much faster it is that the older dual core models in the video!"
Teen Security: 30 Day Security Challenge! Some Anonymous Teenager on Earth has a great question, "With the numerous hackers and breaches that occurred this year, I’d like to ask, what are some tips you have for security? I’m a teenager, who loves the show (thumbs up!), and is one of the seemingly few who actually care about digital security." We've got answers in the video, and suggest everyone check out Shannon's 30 Day Security Challenge!!!
Were HP's Archives Lost??? Searpea writes, "The Hewlett Packard historical archives were destroyed in wine country fires. See the last line about the archives online. And no fire proof safes?" We talk about fire proof safes (which aren't always so fire proof), archival storage, and the wrath of a really out of control wildfire in the video. 
NES Giveaway Winner & Tokyo Meetup We announce the winner of our NES Giveaway in the show, and, heads up, Shannon's going to do a meetup in Tokyo on November 18th. Keep an eye on her twitter account, for info!
Do Something Analog!!! Like John, who writes, "Spent Saturday enjoying the scenery of West Virginia. The first 2 pics are of the grist mill in Babcock State Park and the 3rd pic is an overlook at Hawks Nest State Park." Check out the pictures in the video! 
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