Lima Ultra Personal Cloud Review, Unlimited Data Plans Lies, Where Are The Ryzen Motherboards??? -- TekThing 116

Lima Ultra Personal Cloud Review, Where Are The Ryzen Motherboards??? Unlimited Data Plans Lies, Better Mobile Browser!
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Missing AMD Ryzen Motherboards? AMD says “The vendors didn’t anticipate how popular Ryzen was going to be." mobo mfgs are singing a slightly different tune, but both say more are on the way! 
Lima Ultra Personal Cloud
Chris needs a Pogoplug replacement and has a few Raspberry Pi boards laying about.. he could DIY a server, put 'em 'in the cloud,' or check out Lima's Ultra Personal Cloud device. Review in the video! 
Unlimited Data Ain’t Unlimited!!! Bob writes, "My ONLY internet options are a microwave based solution that maxes at a theoretically 20Mbps, and Satellite. Both of which a a little expensive and have data caps. Now that just about every carrier has unlimited plans I’m considering just using a hotspot as my input to my home network." That'd be AWESOME, except for one problem with mobile carrier unlimited plans! We explain in the video. 
CIA Document Leak This week's Threatwire Security Brief: what's going on with that giant Wikileaks post of confidential CIA documents
Testing Your VPN
David writes in, "To see what/if your VPN is "leaking" any details, two good sites to check are and They will show what they can find out about you via your browser and connection." Thanks, David! Demo in the video!!!
Better Mobile Browser
Adam writes, "I checked out Brave Browser after watching your last video.  I think it might be a good idea to do a brief followup in another video to mention there's a mobile version as well."  Find out why you might want to us the Brave Browser on your iOS or Android device in the video! 
Do Something Analog
Like go find your local train museum... the California State Railroad Museum is pretty epic, and not just for kids! 
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