Raspberry Pi Zero W, $120 Dragon Touch X10 Tablet, Nokia 3310, Mobile World Congress, AMD Ryzen 7 Benchmarks! -- TekThing 114--

Raspberry Pi Zero W, AMD Ryzen 7 Benchmarks, $120 Dragon Touch X10 Tablet, Nokia 3310, New Phones From Mobile World Congress!!!
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Best Phones At Mobile World Congress New Android phones include the LG G6, the Blackberry KeyOne, three new Nokia Android phones (And the retro Nokia 3310), a pair of Samsung tablets, Alcatel's A5 (and its glowing LED back), Motorola's G5 Plus, and Sony's XZ Premium... details in the video!  
AMD Ryzen 7 CPUS Ship!!! We've got deets on the price, specs, chipsets for the 1800X, 1700X, and 1700 along with PCPer's benchmark results for AMD's new Ryzen 7 1800X CPUs! (We'll be building an 1800X on an ASUS Prime X370-Pro mobo next week!)
$120 Dragon Touch X10 Android Tablet Need a cheap tablet? Want to know if the Amazon fave, the Dragon Touch X10, will serve your needs? Full review in the video! 
Raspberry PI ZERO W It's the fifth anniversary of Raspberry Pi this week... and the Raspberry Pi foundation released the "Raspberry Pi Zero W" to celebrate. What's new about the tiny Pi PC? Watch the video! 
Do Something Analog: Like go to a Wizarding World of Harry Potter park!!!
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