Fight Ransomware!!! Should I Pay for Antivirus? How To Back Up and Rip DVD, Cable Modem Lawsuit! -- TekThing 125

You Can Fight Ransomware!!! Should I Pay for Antivirus? Back Up DVDs & Blu-rays, Run Pi-hole and OpenDNS!
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FIGHT RANSOMWARE The Wannacry Ransomware  has encrypted the data on hundreds of thousands of computers, we tell you how to fight ransomware, what you should do now before your machine gets infected, why you should check before you pay to decrypt, and more in the video! 
Backing Up Your DVDs and Blu-rays! Dan tweets, "@TekThing I'd like to back up my DVD collection to a NAS that I can stream to my devices on my network. Any tips?" We discuss if it's legal, and how to use MakeMKV and HandBrake to back up your DVDs, for your own personal use, adding subtitles (more subtitle help), sharing via NAS, and more in the video!  
Should I Pay For Antivirus? Lennert has a new laptop, and writes, "Is Defender plus a bit of common sense enough to keep your laptop virus free? Should I buy a more powerful tool like Malwarebytes, Kaspersky or Bitdefender?" Find out what we do in the video, and here's the PCMag article with the discounted prices
Pi-hole And OpenDNS! Tony D writes TekThing, "You can use the Pi-hole AND OpenDNS!" Find out how in the video! 
Cable Modem Lawsuit? Several viewers pointed out that there’s a class action lawsuit brewing around Shannon's new Arris 6190 cable modem. Find out why Shannon's not worried, and why one of viewers questions whether end users can even detect the problems!
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