Best Nintendo Switch Accessories, Free Music Servers, Chocolatey Package Server, Soldering Irons! -- TekThing 126

Top 5 Nintendo Switch Accessories, Free Music Servers, Install Windows Apps With Chocolatey, Soldering Iron Picks: Portable and Workshop! -- TekThing 126
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Best Nintendo Switch Accessories!!! Looking for the best accessories for your Nintendo Switch? Find out why Shannon's uses these 5 items every day with her Switch: Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C, Belkin DuraTek Kevlar USB-C to USB-C cable, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, HORI Nintendo Switch Screen Protector, and the Nintendo Switch Console Case - Zelda Style 
Free Music Servers Anonymous writes, "As the father of 2 teenage boys we have desktops, tablets, laptops, phones, game consoles, iPhones, iPads, etc.. our digital music library that is starting to get pretty big. Is any software or hardware combo that can work on all or most of my household items to share the music and play lists, without costing much if possible?" Find out what we'd use in the video, from Google Music, to Plex or Universal Media Server, or just sharing a folder on a PC! (Windows 10 shares media a bit differently.)
Chocolatey Package Manger "Install any program in seconds with a quick command." OK, command line install, apt get style, for Windows apps... let's install and review the Chocolatey Package Server!
Awesome Soldering Irons! @skywisefahr tweets, "Have a quick question. What soldering station do you use in the shop/on the truck/in the field? (friend killed a Weller)" What works in the truck/in the field is kind of silly to use in the shop 'cause electricity from the wall is a lot cheaper and more convenient than the cans of butane a portable iron uses... watch the video for our picks of workshop tools like Weller's WES51 and WLC100, Hakko's FX888D, and 508, portable options, like the Power Probe PPSK and Portasol's P-50, why everybody should own Hakko's 599B-02 Solder Tip Cleaning Wire!
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