Cheap Mesh Routers? Focal Spark In Ear Headphone, Latency vs. Bandwidth, Solar Photography Tips! -- TekThing 130

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Affordable Mesh Routers??? @sanbornVR tweets, "When are mesh routers going to be affordable? They are the cost of game consoles, this is impossible." We answer in the video!
Focal Spark In Ear Headphone Focal's first in ear, the Sphear, delivered delightfully spacious sound, but launched at hefty $180... today we review Focal’s new $69 Spark earbuds! (Related Gear: Amber Rubarth's Sessions from the 17th Ward, JDS Labs The Element.) 
Wireless ISP Latency??? @tomprossima tweets "Regarding the wireless ISP you mentioned earlier. You never mentioned the latency. Have you tried online gaming?" We have, and we have our Common Netwoks latency info, along with a discussion of what latency means in the video! 
OnePlus 5, Dell Ultrawide Deal, ProtonVPN! 
The OnePlus 5 has been officially announced, and ProtonVPN left beta this week, full reviews coming next week. Dell's awesome Dell U3415w is on close out at a great price, and Dell has a new 38" UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor! 
First Budget Solar Photo Tip!
Normally we tell ya to close the laptop and put down the phone when it's time to Do Something Analog, but our first suggestions for getting photos o' the August 21st eclipse arrived from @shuman_projects, @OceanPlanet4546, and @RamRiot! Thanks!!! 
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