OnePlus 5 Review, Recover Erased Files, Find Your First Computer Security Job! -- TekThing 131

OnePlus 5 Review, Recover Erased Files, Find Your First Computer Security Job, External Drives For Backup!
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OnePlus 5 Review Shannon's got a full video review of the new OnePlus 5... can this $539 phone with 128GB of storage and dual cameras hang with flagship models from Google and Samsung? 
What CPU are you using? @AnotherDK tweeted out, "What CPU’s u guys rocking these days for your main workstation?" We discuss Patrick and Shannon's builds in the video! 
Recover Erased Files Howard writes, "I accidentally deleted a hard drive that has three partitions on it. I really need your help!" Back up folks!!! We talk about the big mistake people make using Recuva (and other tools), duplicating your drive using FTK Imager and more in the video! 
How To Job Dez just graduated with a degree in Cybersecurity Management, and wrote, about "how to find a job, whether or not I should go back to school for a Master's and how soon, if government contract work is a good idea," and quite a bit more. Answers in the video, and if you're interested in a job in InfoSec, definately check out the START IN INFOSEC page!
External Drive OK??? Austin in Springfield, MO writes that has back up drive sounds like it has a "click of death" and writes, "I'm planning on getting a better backup/storage system eventually but since I only just recently graduated college, I don't quite have the money to get what I want right now so I need a stop gap solution." Watch the video! 
Do Something Analog Like Brian, who writes, "This is what I did after I closed the laptop in a analog world.... and shows off the cabinet his Dad build that he restored!"
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