8K Dell UltraSharp 32 Monitor Review! Best Business Card Scanner, HomePod, New Drives or New NAS? -- TekThing 128

Dell UltraSharp 32 8K Monitor, Apple HomePod, Do I need a new NAS? Android Business Card Scanner,  USB Ports on Planes?
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WWDC: HomePod & MacBook & iMac Pro We took a lot of notes from WWDC 2017... watch the video to find out which new apple products really stood out for us! (Hint: HomePod, and that $5K iMac Pro!
Dell UltraSharp 32 8K Monitor
First thought, 8K is 7680 x 4320, that's 4 4K screens, or 16 1080 screens and on Dell's UltraSharp 32 8K Monitor we're talking 280 pixels per inch, which looks gorgeous. Who's it for, and is it worth the $5K price tag? Watch the video! 
Android Business Card Scanners OfficeLens, CamCard, or Haystack: which Android business card scanner does the best job automatically reading and importing details into your contacts? Watch the video to find out! 
New Drives or New Drives and A New NAS Brent's "got a gen 2 4 bay Drobo connected to an old Mac Mini server that has been faithfully backing up my files for 8 years." He's gonna swap out the 5 year old drives before they fail, and asks "Should I put new drives in my old Drobo or should I get a new NAS while I’m at it?" Answer is in the video... and use WD Red HDs
USB Ports on Planes Rod emailed ask@tekthing.com, "Most aircraft I travel in these days have USB connections in the seat back for charging/running low power equipment." Can you trust those USB outlets, or the power outlets on planes? Watch the video! 
Thoughts on Rooting & Roms... Peter in Vienna writes, "Please, in the future, make sure not to mix up rooting and custom ROMs." and has a list of great apps you can run on a rooted Android device! Watch the video to learn more!
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