System76 Galago Pro Linux Laptop, Ultimate USB Charger, LineageOS Android, Hacking Security Pros! -- TekThing 127

Best Desktop USB Charger, System76 Galago Pro Laptop, LineageOS Android, Hacking Security Pros!
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Ultimate USB Charger! Curt, aka @farmboy24 tweets, "Patrick what are you using to charge all of the phones and tablets in your household? Done w plugging them into my PC. Thxs" We LOVE Anker's Desktop USB Chargers, they even have a 10 port 60 Watt charger now! More info in the video! 
System76 Galago Pro Folks have asked about about Shannon’s XPS 13 running Linux, and for more Linux laptop reviews. Today Shannon reviews the System76 Galago Pro 13" Ubuntu Laptop!
Is There Any Reason To Root Android Phones? @Nerd_Shark69 tweets, "are there any reasons to root Android phones nowadays especially with more and more apps just not working on them?" We've got lots of reasons to root your Android gear (Pure Android!) in the video, and, thanks to Lifehacker, we know LineageOS has taken over for Cyanagenmod. 
Hacking Security Pros Shannon's back from AusCERT 2017, where she and Hak5's Darren Kitchen delivered a talk called "Exploiting the Universal Attack Vector." Which, it turns out, involved hacking hackers! Watch the full talk on AusCERT's YouTube
10 Years of Google Maps StreetView! "Seven continents, 83 countries, millions of miles, one epic road trip," and, yes, StreetView still gets weird!
Do Something Analog! Like hold a Koala... respectfully. (Holding koalas is a hot debate topic.) Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a respected place to admire, and cuddle, Australian wildlife! 
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