33 More CES 2018 Products! Anker Roav VIVA Alexa Car Charger, Razer Linda vs. Sentio Superbook -- TekThing 160

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CES TRENDS What drove CES 2018??? AI that's not so I, Voice Assistance and Commands (Google Assistant was everywhere.) Wireless charging is back in a serious way, thanks to Apple iPhones and wireless charging compatibility. (Shannon was admiring chargers from Belkin, iOttie, and Satechi). IoT security? Not so much. Robots? VR??? Watch the video to find out! 
Anker ROAV VIVA Alexa Enabled Car Charger Roav, Anker's mobile division, announced the VIVA Alexa Enabled Car Charger at CES 2018. Patrick tested it out on hisi drive back home from CES. How did running Alexa voice commands off a car charger go in a twenty-two year old mechanical diesel??? Watch the video to find out! 
More CES 2018 Products! Last week we dropped a bunch of segments from the CES 2018 show floor, from the best new TVs, to Razer's project Linda, giant thumbdrives, and quite a bit more... but Patricks got more picks, from AMD's second gen 12nm "Zen+" Ryzen CPUs, Pioneer's Tacoma demoing their new Z series and refreshed D series speakers, AstroReality's 3D printed moon and AR app for exploring it... and another 18 or so in the video!
Gaming Laptop Recco Sue writes, "I am interested in purchasing a gaming laptop that must be compatible with Acer's Mixed Reality Headset. My budget is $1,000, but tell me if that is too low for a great gaming laptop." $1000 is fine for most gaming, but for VR (or that Mixed Reality headset) it'll be a stretch. Shannon suggests spending $1400, discusses minimum CPU and GPU picks (GTX 1060!!!) in the video, and options such as Alienware's gaming laptops in the video!
Sentio Superbook vs. Razer Dock Benny emailed ask@tekthing.com, "Why is the Razer dock getting all this attention?? I know the phone serves as a touchpad, but the Sentio SuperBook is just as close to market." We talk about the $3 million SuperBook (formerly Andromium) Kickstarter Project (and the Skarp Lazer Razer), and why Razer's Linda is getting all the press
Do Something Analog Like the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 441, who, Jack writes, made pillowcases for the Children's Hospital of Colorado so they could learn to sew the bumpers for their competition robot. Jack adds, "Many kids have chronic diseases and spend lots of time in the hospital. A handmade pillowcase is one of the few ways that they can liven up and personalize their room!!! Way to go Team 441!!!
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