Bitcoin Sucks For Gaming PCs!!! Our Video Gear, Fingbox Home Network Security -- TekThing 161

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Has Bitcoin Killed Gaming PCs??? TheSirGoreax commented on our last episode, "Doesn't matter the prices of CPUs anymore.  GPUs and RAM are so absurdly expensive that building a PC now is not a good idea." In the video we fire up and took a close look at the cost of CPUs, memory and GPUs.... find out what a gaming (or video editing) PC we build back in April 2017 would cost today, and why is your friend!  
CES Video Gear!!! Marshall writes, "Your CES coverage looked great. What was your rig (Camera, Lens, Light, Audio Interface)? Would love to shave a few lbs off and save my back/feet w/o compromising quality." Shannon walks you through the whole mobile video rig, from Razer Blade laptop, to Sony A7Rii with a 16-35mm lens, Audio Technica AT899 Mics, Zoom H4N audio recorder, the Peak Design backpack she carries it all in (and quite a bit more) in the video! 
Fingbox Review Back in August, we told you about Fing, a slicksmartphone app that finds and tracks -everything- on your network, wired or wireless. The new Fingbox can monitor your network 24/7... but does it really make your home network more secure??? 
External GPU Enclosures Nick's, "looking to get a 13” or 15” Notebook," and wants to  "pair it with an External GPU so I can also replace my Outdated Desktop and have the best of both worlds with Mobility and Power to play games again." We talk external GPU enclosures, like the Gigabyte's Gaming Box, Razer's the Core V2 Thunderbolt 3 enclosure, or the Akitio Node Thunderbolt3 eGPU... and why we'd suggest getting a laptop with mobile Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070, or 1080 graphics built in instead!
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