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Pixel 3: More Than Just Giant Notch!!! Yes, there's a notch on the bigger of the two Pixel 3 phones. Yes, it's big and obvious. It's also there for a reason - because it houses two front cameras and a speaker. So do Shannon mind it? Is the screen better than the blue mess on the Pixel 2? How good is the camera? Watch the video review of the Pixel 3 and find out!
5K Overclocking Guide! You know Whitson Gordon from his incredibly helpful articles at Lifehacker and HowToGeek, Whitson Gordon's latest project is an Intel CPU overclocking guide for PCMag. Does pulling 5Mhz from a 4,000 MHz Intel CPU sound good to you? Watch the video to learn how to do it, what you need, and if you should!
Affordable Vlog Advice: Edit Video On A Cell Phone Fred writes, "I want to start a YouTube channel about hiking trails in Oregon. I'm having a hard time finding affordable equipment like video cameras and videos editing software. What would you recommend for someone wanting to record high quality video outside and software to edit that video that's on a budget.” Good question… and your smartphone, along with an app like Kinemaster, or Adobe Rush, might be the perfect answer for you!  
4K TVs Are Not Always 4K??? LOST IN TRANSLATION emails, “I am tech support for my friends and family, my problem is when I try to explain that just because they have a 4k tv don't mean they are watching everything in 4k. I told them that they have to watch the 4k channel to get the broadcast if its available, for some reason no one understands me.can you back me up on this?” Yes, yes we can… watch the video to find out when 4K isn’t 4K!
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