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CAAVO Control Center Remember the Caavo? This time it's $99, not $399, adds support for HDR and Atmos... and, sadly, no longer offers the hidden browser that keeps your watch lists updated. Instead, it offers 'discovery' built around social and playlists... and the "Caavo Cache," a long list of what you've been streaming. Is this a affordable competitor to Logitech’s Harmony Remotes??? Watch the video to find out!
3 Tech Travel Tools!!! Quick picks! 3 Travel Accessories Shannon can't live without: Dell’s DA300 USB-C Mobile Adapter, the 12,000 mAh Dell Power Companion notebook power bank, and the the Kingston Nucleum USB-C hub. Find out why in the video!!!
Connected vs Not Connected Smoke / CO Alarms Jeff needs to replace his carbon monoxide, headed over to The Wirecutter, and found both their basic and smart picks were all “"connected" alarms.  I wondered what the use of a connected alarm might be, and could only think that people who are unable to hear the alarm would benefit, but could not imagine any other situation where this would be a desirable Feature.” He’s even more non-plussed by the recommendation of a smart battery with a mic and Wi-Fi built it. Patrick explains why he prefers connected alarms, the difference between basic and smart alarms, why those articles are a great read, and Shannon talks IoT security in the video!
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So Many 512GB Phones! Remember Patrick’s 400 GB cheap Android storage upgrade? Thanks to Jeremy for the reminder that the iPhone XS has 512GB option, Lyle, who notes, the “Galaxy Note 9  and even the Asus ROG Phone has a 512GB option as well.” And TechLeather who mentioned both the Apple and Samsung options. Thanks for the heads up!
Do Something Analog Like Nick who says, “Patrick and Shannon, just wanted to let you know I found a rare UNICORN Kitty! LOL!!!” Pix of the cat in question in the video, go get started on your Halloween costumes!!!
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