Use This Black Friday Tip Now! New Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+, OnePlus 6T: Great Phone, Two Big Flaws! -- TekThing 203

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Black Friday??? Start Researching Now!!! Avoid a terrible surprise on Black Friday by following our top Black Friday tips… one of ‘em involves Amazon pricing on (And don’t assume Amazon always has the best prices!) PCPartPicker is the build guide we mentioned, btw, lots more info in the video!
OnePlus 6T Review!!! OnePlus 6T shipped the new 6T, and while OnePlus’s latest ‘Flagship Phone For Less” delivers awesome performance, there are a couple of important features it’s missing. Watch the video to find out what they are, and how the 6T’s cameras compare to the Pixel 3!!!
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Good Lighting to Headphone Adapters??? Sean in Baltimore, Maryland writes, “I know that Apple allows for 3rd party lightning to headphone adapters, however I have not been able to find many. Are there any good adapters out there that I am not aware of?” Watch the video to find out more about using an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (and a Dragonfly) to get great audio out of your iPhone , along with Apple’s latest additions to the MFi specs!
New Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Right about the time this show goes live, the Raspberry Pi Foundation will be releasing the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+. Find out the specs on the latest $25 Pi in the video!!!
Pixel 3 Problems??? Searpea posted on, “How did Shannon end up with a Pixel3xl that doesn't have extra black, doesn't have uneven sound from the 2 speakers, doesn't have the vibrating back problem, hasn't failed to save photos and hasn't had any problems with multitasking ? Whichever lot that phone came from should sell for a premium!!!” It helps to not have the first of anything from the factory… amazing how early adopters get to find and fix the problems! More thoughts in the video!
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Do Something Analog Like chase your derpy shepherd husky down, lure her into the car, then carry her back into the house so you can drive to the studio and shoot a show. (Husky chasing… gonna be bigger than Crossfit!!!) Photo in the video!
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