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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thank you for watching the show!
Black Friday: PC Parts??? Dave emailed, “I'm finally looking to do a new system build. Is there a time when deals are best? Cyber Monday, just before or after Christmas?” YouTube’s RandomFrankP has a great analysis of CPUs, GPUs, and RAM prices on Black Friday. We've seen huge drops in Memory and SSD prices since January…check the video for the deets!
Black Friday: All-In-One PCs??? @NateMac tweets, "Looking for a Black Friday All-In-One Win10 Desktop that will be powerful not for gaming but for my mother who keeps her computers for 8+ years? Under $800 preferably. Thanks!" We’ve got a recco in the video, along with picks from Dell and Lenovo!
Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset Review The Mobius has $400 price tag, excellent Audeze planar magnetic drivers, and packs a lot of buzzword tech, like WavesNX 3D processing, and Sony LDAC streaming over Bluetooth. Is it worth it? Watch the video for our review!
HyperX Cloud Flight Need a wireless gaming headset than sounds great and keep you on Dischord chat all the way to the fridge and back? The HyperX Cloud Flight is an excellent option for under $170!
JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amp If you're thinking about buying a headphone amp, JDS Labs $99 Atom Amp should be on your short list… find out why in the video! (The measurements we showed came from!)
ACTIVO CT10 How does the ACTIVO CT10 digital audio player sound? What formats does it play? What would we add to it to make it better? Watch the video to find out!
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Avoid Black Friday & Holiday Online Shopping Scams! Don't get scammed this holiday shopping season! Find out about Mozilla’s Privacy Not Included, the Black Friday E-Commerce Blacklist -some iOS and Android apps are SCAMS!!!- and watch out for banking trojans trying to steal info off websites!
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