Gaming PC With A Handle: Lenovo Legion C730, Huawei Matebook X Pro Laptop, Gorgeous Weather Websites -- TekThing 205

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Huawei Matebook X Pro Review How does Huawei’s 13.9” Matebook X Pro compare up to laptops like Dell’s XPS 13? Watch the video review to find out about the big screen, hidden webcam, battery life, and more!
Lenovo Legion C730 Mini Gaming Cube A Core i7 8700K and Nvidia GTX GPU packing gaming PC in a small box with a handle? Let’s talk portable gaming for the Esports crew with Lenovo’s Legion C730 Mini Gaming Cube!
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Useful Websites From The Campfire While Patrick was trying to figure out when the kids could leave the house without N95 masks,  he found some pretty useful sites… and a couple beautiful ones, including, NOAA’s site that lets you browse real-time, full-resolution satellite imagery. The Real Time Air Quality Index, aka and the EPA’s,, a gorgeous real time image of the winds over the US, and, of course, CalFire’s CURRENT FIRE INFORMATION… not so useful outside of CA unless you’re travelling here! (Oh, and that awesome 'hyperlocal' weather app is DarkSky!)
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