Logitech MX Vertical, Cherry MW 4500, $89 DJI Osmo Alternative, Holiday Travel Security Tips! -- TekThing 208-

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Safer Holiday Travel We're heading into one of the busiest times of the year for traveling, so to keep you as safe as possible, Shannon found a slew of cybersecurity travel tips for you! Tons of info in the video (How many people use work laptops on open WiFi?!?), and after you watch it, check out these articles from CNet and ZDnet!
Ergonomic Mice: Logitech MX Vertical, Cherry MW 4500
We've seen a few ergonomic mice show up this year, in the video we review  Logitech's Logi MX Vertical, $99, and Cherry's MW 4500, $26. They’re both wireless, angled for wrist comfort, aaaand, you can watch the video to learn more!
Opsgenie This episode of TekThing was sponsored by Atlassian Opsgenie: Your next incident doesn't stand a chance. Find out more at Opsgenie.com!
$89 DJI Osmo Alternative Steven caught the review of DJI’s latest gimbal and writes, “I’d like to get that one for my brother, but I was wondering if you can suggest a sub-$100 Gimbal that will suffice.” Shannon’s recommendation (from Zhiyun) in the video, and we’ve got a slightly cheaper mechanical option you might consider, too!
Skyreach S4 Mini-ITX Case, Tiny HDPlex 400W PSU!
Patrick’s primary rig takes up too much floor space, so he’s gonna stuff his Ryzen 1800X into a Mini-ITX rig, NFC’s Skyreach S4 Mini. Power will come from an HDPlex 400W DC to DC PSU, cooling from Noctua… find out next week if it worked!
What did Amazon send me??? HairFundraiser tweets, “I took your advice and ordered the Monoprice 8323 on Amazon for my son. Unfortunately I got a Turcom TS-823 sent to me instead. It looks like the 8323. Should I send it back to Amazon or just keep it since it might be the same but a different name and box. Thanks.” Our answer is in the video, but, hint, you should have gotten an 8323!
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Do Something Analog! Like Greg, who writes, "I couldn't pass this up Patrick! With the right gear and a canvas tent and wood stove you can stay toasty warm while it is well below 0 outside.” Sweet Winter camping photos in the video, we love snowshoeing!
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