2019 Security Predictions, Q Acoustics 3020i vs Elac Debut 2.0, FreeNAS, Synology, or Drobo? -- TekThing 209

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2019 Security and Privacy Predictions 2018 brought the GDPR and the first inkling of companies being investigated under that new EU… wondering what 2019 will bring to privacy and security? Watch the video for Shannon’s thoughts on privacy laws, consumer security tech, broader adoption of multi factor authentication, and more!
Q Acoustics 3020i Review A lot of audio reviewers are smitten with Q Acoustics speakers... and after getting ears -and eyes- on their latest, the 3020i we can hear why! Is it better than our current sub $300 speaker pick, Elac’s Debut 6.2? For some folks, definitely, but not everybody… watch the video for Patrick’s review! (Shout out to Emotiva’s A-100 amp, JDS Labs OL DAC, and Google’s Chromecast Audio!)
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FreeNAS vs. Drobo or Synology??? Andrew’s outgrown his Drobo, needs a NAS and is thinking about FreeNAS, if it really needs ECC RAM, and if FreeNAS is the right choice, as it’s “kind of complicated…” and Andrew really just wants “a fast, stable, and reliable NAS with a few volumes available for anyone on my network to connect to.” We talk FreeNAS vs. Synology or Drobo, answer his ECC memory question, and talk the NAS we run at home in the video! (PS - dual drive redundancy is cool, but an offsite backup with something like B2 is more important to us!)
Charge Only USB Condoms We talked travel security last week, and @ryokimball tweeted back, “Speaking of USB attacks in public spaces: I usually hate finding a USB cable in my collection with no data/only charges, but that would keep that vector from being a problem. Plus there are devices made for this” and included a link to a USB charge only adapter, which blocks the data pins on a USB cable. Thanks, Ryo!
Rental Car Bluetooth Dangerous??? Speaking of travel security... @DNSDEBRO tweets, “What are your thoughts on connecting your phone to a rental car’s Bluetooth?” From a security standpoint… well, watch the video to find out our concerns, and what we do when we travel!
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Do Something Analog!!!
Like Jeff, who writes, “Recently I did a winter hike on part of the Appalachian Trail in VA, so I’ve been obsessed on getting back out there! On my days off, I find random trails in the area and it’s pretty fun. I didn’t realize how many free trails there are, especially historical civil war trails around here! I recommend everyone to get out there, you never realize how fun it is until you do it!" You can see Jeff’s photos in the video!
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