Petcube Bites Review! Should I Change My Thermal Paste??? Apartment WiFi Security! -- TekThing 163

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Apple HomePod Reviews The first reviews of Apple's HomePod are hitting... it sounds incredible, an amazing feat of engineering, but Siri is limitted, and it's -all- about Apple Music. Great reviews by The Verge and TechCrunch
Dr Who Convention! There's a new Doctor on the way, Shannon's stoked, and, hey, if you're heading to LA for Gallifrey One, "the world’s largest and longest-running annual Doctor Who fan convention," February 16-18, keep an eye out for Shannon!
Petcube Bites Fling treats to your pets from anywhere you've got Internet? Meet Petcube Bites, a petcam with a 1080p camera, speaker, and a built in treat flinger for your critters... Shannon's got a review (and some thoughts about the subscription cost) in the video!!! 
Apartment Building Internet Security Rich writes, "Hey TekThing:  we will be moving to a 55+ apartment community shortly.  The community provides complete WiFi, not Ethernet connections, to its residents." Rich is curious about the security issues, using Ethernet, and how the ISP, Dual Path, provides a secure, personal network over WiFi, and if DSL is an option... tons of info about secure vs. insecure WiFi in the video! 
Should You Regulary Replace The Thermal Compound on Your CPU??? Forrest emailed, "I upgraded an Old XPS 7100 Dell Studio with a new SSD, Balistix memory, a USB 3.0 PCIE card, and a beefier power supply to handle all of the new stuff. Do I need to reapply the main processor heat sink compound since it is seven years old? It's an AMD 6-core Phenom 2 processor. Thanks, and keep up the good work." We talk thermal compound (or grease), when -we- replace it, how to use HWMonitor to figure out how hot your CPU is running (and how to find out the max temp, or TJunction for your AMD or Intel CPU), why you might just use mustard instead of heatsink paste, how long it lasts, and more in the video! 
Do I Need A Headphone Amp? @CliffHinNJ tweets, "Hey Patrick, Just got a pair of HiFiMan 400I headphones. While they sound good I am not blown away when playing content from my phone or PC. Would the sound be improved and gain volume with the firefly Red or Black." We explain what to do -before- buying more hardware in the video, and give some affordable headphone DAC reccos (like Audioquest's Dragonfly, and Schiit's Fulla 2, too!)
Do Something Analog Like go to the Museum of Ice Cream and throw yourself into a giant tub of sprinkles like Shannon did! 
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