Huawei Mate10 Pro, WD My Passport Wireless SSD, Don’t Download Open Source Malware!!! TekThing 164

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Huawei Mate10 Pro Review Skip the fake reviews on BestBuy, we've got a real review of Huawei's $800 Mate10 Pro, from the performance of its twin cameras (a 20MP monochrome and 12 MP RGB camera), massive 4000 mAh battery, screen quality, and how it compares to Google's Pixel 2 and other flagship Android smart phones! 
Western Digital’s MyPassport Wireless SSD Review Back at CES we saw WD's new SSD version of the MyPassport Wireless Pro. It’s got built in 802.11AC, so you can move files over it wirelessly, you can serve media from it over Twonky, or Plex, it’s got USB 3.0 so you can move files fast, it’s got the second USB port to charge your phone… but does it save the pictures off your SDCards any faster than the old version??? Watch the video to find out! 
Enchanted Keyfinder: Sometimes Open Source is Dangerous! Ryo emailed, "The other day y'all mentioned Magic Jellybean and I wanted to bring up an open-source alternative, Enchanted Keyfinder. I tend to fall for the "open source is always better" fallacy, and have not truly dug into finding differences between the two to find out which is actually better." It deffo works on older versions of Windows, but it couldn't find the key for our Win10 box like Magic Jellybean and Belarc Advisor can. Worse yet, if you download Enchanted from SourceForge instead of GitHub, you might be installing malware. More info in the video! 
Thermal Paste Drops CPU Temp 50°C! @DerekMoyes caught our conversation about changing thermal paste, thermal grease (also called CPU grease, heat paste, heat sink compound, heat sink paste, thermal compound, thermal gel, thermal interface material ... and tweeted about dropping temps on a problem CPU 50°C by changing it! Thanks for the photos, Derek! 
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