Netflix 4K Sucks For Feature Movies! Get 100GB on a 50GB Data Cap, New Studio Tour!!! -- TekThing 169

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Is Netflix 4K Worth It??? Michael, aka @cmmanley52 tweets, "Is Netflix really worth the added 2.00 a month more for 4k? Am I really getting 4k content or are they compressing the hell out of it? Thanks" We talk about the new prices at Netflix (It'll be $3, Michael, not $2!) 4K compression for streaming vs. UHD Blu-rays, what speed and hardware you need, and what you can -and can't- find in 4K on Netflix in the video!!!
New Studio Setup!!! We've got a time lapse of the new Hak5 studio build, along with information on our new lighting truss, LED lights, (temporary) DIY sound dampening, and more in the show! (Thank you,, for the safety ties for our lights!!!)
Hangout w/ TekThing and Hak5! We're having a party March 29th if you're going to be in the Bay Area! Details at!
Your Mobile Data Reports!!! We got a TON of responses to the ‘unlimited’ data segment last week! Joe, has as an update on T-Mobile's data cap... which isn't really a cap, and starts at 50 GB per line, not account!!! Speaking of 'not a cap,' Sage is getting well over 100 GB per month, waaaay beyond his cap, and has updates on Sprint coverage. (Tho, frankly, just 'cause the map says the town has coverage doesn't mean your phone works...). The iPhone will work on Google Fi, sort of, as long as you don't mind missing some critical Fi features.
Pre-Built PC Warning Ant bought a pre-built gaming PC, and found a few problems. He emailed, "it saved me several hundred dollars to buy a rig instead of buying each piece myself. All went well except for two or three things." Find out what they are in the video!
Do Something Analog Like Brandon, who emailed, "Zombie run 5k! The proceeds go to charity and you have runners who run from the zombie horde. My friend Sunny and I were zombies!" See what they looked like in the video! 
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THANKS to Hak5! & The HakShop!!!
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