How To Delete Facebook, Best 4K TV for Gaming, Better Passwords, pfSense or Unifi??? -- TekThing 170

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Fix Facebook Security Fails!!! Facebook is under fire for their part in the data 50 million users ending up at a firm called Cambridge Analytica. Shannon's got a complete breakdown of what happened on Threatwire. Right now, let's talk about how to secure or outright delete your Facebook account!
Best 4K TVs for Gaming @GarryFL tweets, "Hi Patrick & Shannon. Long time fan here since DL.TV. Can you please discuss what would be a good 4k tv to game on via a pc and or console. Thanks!" We explain why it's a tough time to buy a new 2018 TV, what to look for, input lag (and how much is too much), and's excellent input lag testing, deals on LG's B7 and TCL's P607, and more in the video! 
pfSense or UniFi Security Gateway??? Randy tweets, "@TekThing What would be the benefits of replacing my pfSense router with a Unifi Security Gateway, other than the ability to manage it from my Unifi Controller?" Answer in the video!
Better Security For Your Home Network! Our network security maven, Hak5's Sebastian Kinne, has some tips on network security threats and how to mitigate them (especially Internet of Things devices), how to make secure passwords you can actually remember, and more! 
Patrick’s Beard and Social Media... Simon says "@TekThing Does @patricknorton's beard have it's own social media presence? If not then why not?!" [[laughter]] and answer in the video! 
Do Something Analog! Like Eric, who writes, "My favorite analog (mostly) activity is working on cars. This time it was my old '97 F150 needing a couple of new pulleys and a water pump while I was in there. Since no one had the special tool I needed I made my own fan clutch tools." Photos of the wrench Eric made from an old mower blade and a pipe, and "the pulley holder is from a piece of flat steel I've had for over 10 years and just keep grind/drilling into different tools" in the video! 
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