$13 Mesh Router??? Smart Bulb Reviews: TP-Link LB130 & Eufy Lumos, Lubing PC Fans, First Multimeter! -- TekThing 167

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My First Multimeter!!! @petebocken tweeted out, "@patricknorton recommend a decent first multimeter? I guess sub $25." For 90% of what I do, something like this $13 Etekcity MSR-R500 is more than enough... find out why in the video! 
Smart Bulb Battle Philips Hue set the standard, but there are a ton of less expensive A19 bulbs out there... let's look at how the $35 TP-Link Multicolour Smart LED Bulb LB130 and the $30 Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb White and Color compare! 
Lubricating Computer Fans Matt wrote ask@tekthing.com, "I have a dozen desktop PCs (don't ask) and each has 3 or more fans.  I would go broke replacing all of the fans that fail. Instead I've been disassembling, cleaning, and re-lubricating the bearings with automotive wheel bearing grease.  In the past year that I've been doing this I've noticed that the fans I've repaired fail again in about 6 months." We've got advice for Matt on why his fans keep failing, what to use to lube 'em (Hint: not axle grease, Patrick uses a Zoom Oiler), and a great guide from TechRepublic on where and how much oil to use!  
$13 Mesh Router??? Meet AP+WDS Daniel caught the segment on mesh vs. cheap wifi -remember Steve in Tampa???- and texted Patrick, "Isn't the hand off a client thing? I have a $13 router." Turns out Daniel's pair of Netis WF2419 routers support AP+WDS. Find out what it does, and how you can use it, why at least one of the routers won't be as fast in the video... and why we think you should get an 802.11AC router instead of an 802.11N! (PS -- anybody using a Tenda router???)
Do Something Analog Like cosplay your favorite characters… check out the Doctor Who cosplay Shannon caught at Gallifrey One a couple weeks ago! 
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