Backup Special, Save Your Data!!! When To Backup, 3-2-1 Backups, Arch: 360TB, 13 Billion Years! TekThing 166

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When To Back Up??? @ngageguy tweets, "After my HD failure I tweeted to you not long ago, I would suggest you give your listeners some tips on the importance of the backup of HD’s and what to do if they start to fail." When should you back up your files and data? Watch the video to find out
3-2-1 Backups Explained (And What We Use!) Three copies, on a least two mediums, at least one off site. That's a 3-2-1 backup plan. What hardware do we use? (And how do we backup offsite to Backblaze and SpiderOak?) Watch the video to find out! 
Arch Mission: Storage for 13 Billion Years?!? Did the Tesla on SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy flight carry the densest, longest lasting storage media ever??? Yes. Yes it did. Brian emailed, "Can you review or get more information about the Arch Mission Foundation. I am wondering if this will be available for common people." We're fascinated by the Arch Mission, it's goal to "permanently archive human knowledge for thousands to billions of years," and the tiny 360TB glass disks that use "5D Data Storage by Ultrafast Laser Nanostructuring in Glass."
Replacing Crashplan's Local Backups Jake's replacing Crashplan. He's got the offsite data storage covered… but says "My current setup uses a few of the Crashplan features that seem to be unique. Along with cloud backup I have Crashplan duplicate the desktop's extra important items to a second physical drive within the machine. I also have my laptop copy itself over to the desktop." We've got options for Jake, from using a Synology NAS or Drobo, FreeFileSync to back up his "extra important items." Viewer Gregg chimes in suggesting Duplicati as an excellent Crashplan replacement... find out more about this open source tool in the video! 
Imaging Your PC Patrick emails, 'What's the app called to create a backup of a fresh reinstall. After the updates and favorite apps are installed....????" Backup or disk images? Literally a copy of everything on your hard drive? Both OS X and Windows have built in options! Clonezilla is a great tool for imaging OS X and Linux machines. Macrium Reflect Free is a classic for imaging Windows disks, Acronis True Image is an excellent paid option! Got a better tool to image your disks??? email!!! 
Do Something Analog Like Nate the Old School Otaku, who writes, "After moving into my Fiance's place I needed a place to store all of my media so I made some media shelves designed for a snug fit for DVDs. Still have a few more I need to put up to finish getting everything I have out of boxes and onto these shelves. I think they turned out well for not having a lot of the tools I need for cutting wood and instead just having the lumber yard do the cutting for me." Nice work, Nate, they look great!!! 
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