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GPU Prices Are Dropping!!! You can see it on CamelCamelCamel... but they're still nearly 2x MRSP! On the upside, you can actually find a new GPU to buy.
Is It Safe To Buy Used GPUs from Miners? Alex posted on Facebook, "what's your thoughts on purchasing GTX gpu's that were used for mining? Worth the gamble for the price mark down vs new or refurbished?" Does mining 24/7 trash video cards? Can the transistors in your GPU (or CPU) wear out? Are some cards safer than others??? We talked to an Etherium miner (that runs 76 GPUs!) and an industry expert to answer this one. Check the video! 
Is This VPN Any Good??? Two questions we -constantly- get are, "What VPN should I go with?" or "Is XYZ VPN a good one?" It would take us years to review every VPN option. Performance might be vastly different in your area. Worse yet, even if a VPN says they're not logging any data, who knows if they're telling the truth? How do you pick? We have our favorites (watch the video to find out!), but you should definitely check out TheBestVPNs 100+ VPN Logging Policies, and watch our helpful guide to figure out what's important when you're shopping for a VPN! (BTW, Restore Privacy has a great introduction to “5 Eyes“, “9 Eyes“, and “14 Eyes”!)
Cloudflare DNS & How You Can Try It! Terry, aka @GothamHeightsTX tweets, "What are your thoughts on the news of Is there an easy way for a newbie to set up" We explain what your Domain Name Service is, why you might want to change it (Google and OpenDNS are popular), why Cloudflare is probably the most privacy friendly DNS (and is pushing for even better DOH security), DNS speed, and if will make your Internet faster... Domain Name Speed Benchmark was the tool we ran in the video! 
Mr Speakers AEON Flow, 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear Salvador tweets, "Patrick, I have $800 that I can use to purchase headphones and I was wondering if you could give me some ideas I like the planar magnetic I was thinking of Mr Seakers AEON." Patrick says, "If there's a better headphone for $800 than Mr Speakers ÆON Flow, I don't know what it is," explains why, and for everybody foaming at the mouth at that price, offers options from $16 and up, from Monoprice's 8323 Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear, to Sony's MDR7506, 1More's Triple Driver In-Ear, Grado's SR80e, Audioquest's NightHawk Carbon Semi-Open... and drops in a fast first look at 1More's new Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones
Do Something Analog
Like Bryan, who writes, "I did something analog last Sunday, I hiked over a mile to the top of the bluffs near my home south of Denver to watch the sunrise and eat my breakfast. I took a panoramic photo of the Rocky Mountains." Gorgeous photo Bryan! Check to video to see it! 
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