Oculus Go vs. Lenovo Mirage Solo VR, AURA Digital Photo Frame, Google VR180 Mirage Camera Reviews! -- TekThing 176

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Mothers Day & EarthNow... Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 13th! Are you ready? Meanwhile, Patrick's mildly obsessed, or maybe just creeped out, by with EarthNow, "creating the means for you to instantly see almost anywhere on Earth in “true real-time.""
Oculus Go, Lenovo Mirage Solo Last week was -very- good for affordable standalone VR gear! We review the new Oculus Go, and Lenovo's Mirage Solo! Virtual Reality for $200? Is it any good? Watch the video!
AURA Digital Photo Frame AURA's digital picture frame costs $299, and that's on sale ($50 off via Shannon's referral link)... two or three times as much as the average. Is AURA's digital picture frame worth the money? Watch the video, where we talk about the screen, if it'll blend with Mom's decor, and its excellent system for loading photos --- then decide for yourself!
Lenovo Mirage VR Camera Google's VR180 has a simple goal: make it easy to take pictures and record video for VR. How? Software that's easy to use, and fairly cheap hardware. Meet Lenovo's Mirage Camera w/ Daydream. The $299 price tag isn't any cheaper than most consumer 3D cameras, but it's certainly easier to operate. Stills, videos, what it does best, and how to use it (and share it with family and friends that -don't- have VR gear) in the video! 
8TB WD Red Bargain! That 6TB drive bargain we mentioned last week? It was 8TB. Props to CantankerousDave who posted on youtube.com/tekthing, "Best Buy had their 8TB Easystore external drives on sale yesterday for $150. They’re actually WD Red drives inside — I have four, so I can confirm. Just shuck ‘em and use them as internal drives." Before you run out and buy one (or four!), watch the video, Don has some concerns about cracking open external drives! 
Do Something Analog Like "Going Analog with Board Games!" Nick heard Patrick's shout out for kid friendly board games and wrote ask@tekthing.com about "this year's International Tabletop Day last weekend! It was a blast! Everyone showed up and we played most of the day with little to no technology involved." Find out Nick's tabletop game reccos in the video, he's got several for adults and children. Thanks, Nick!!! 




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