Best $500 Laptop! Brave Browser, Orfox, or Firefox Focus??? Caavo Smart Remote vs. Logitech Harmony -- TekThing 177

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Maker Faire! Why, yes, we'll be at Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA this weekend! 
$500 Laptop Recco Javier tweets, "Hey @Snubs @patricknorton  do you guys know a decent laptop 13 inches or more with upgradable ram and hard drive under 500 dollars?" We've got minimum specs, CPU reccos, some new and refurbished options from Dell... and, heads up, ASUS has a VivoBook with solid specs for $509... but you'll want to upgrade its HD! 
Firefox Focus vs Brave Browser vs Orfox on Android In Shannon's never-ending quest to find the most privacy conscious apps and tools on the market... she's tried quite a few browsers on her Android phones. Three standouts are Firefox Focus, Brave, and Tor's Orfox browser. She's ditched Chrome on her Android phone for GOOD for one of them... find out which, and why, in the video! 
Caavo Remote Review "Say what you want to watch." It sounds simple enough, but it's not really that easy to say "Watch Iron Man," and have it play on your TV. Logitech's Harmony remotes can get you to your Apple TV or Roku at the click of a button, but -not- to the actual content you want to watch. Content level integration for everything is what Caavo's Universal Remote aims to do... full review in the video! 
Fix 100% Drive Use in Windows??? Jason emailed, "I'm finding that my daughter's 1 year old laptop is running at 100% disk usage. It is an HDD. In general, would upgrading to an internal SSD be the way to reduce this usage problem and speed up the laptop?" Upgrading to an SSD is always good, but probably -won't- solve this problem. Find out why in the video, and check the guide to diagnosing 100% disc usage (including turning off search and superfetch!) at
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