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OnePlus 6 Review Is the OnePlus line of phones still considered flagship killers? Or are they now a flagship on their own? A full review of the OnePlus 6, including battery life, camera quality, how that all glass design holds up in everyday use, the new Face Unlock, and that bootloader security problem in the video! 
 Why We Don't Do More Kickstarter/Indiegogo Reviews! Charles emailed, "Nice job on the Pirl Kickstarter review. It would be awesome if TekThing did more in depth purchase recommendations of Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects that meet your experienced "smell test" as to project viability." We discuss why we -don't- do more crowdfunded product reviews in the video, that experience (Ossic, Voder) might not equal success, and why having a finished product and a production model -before- crowdfunding (Pirl, Mobius, might be the best predictor of success.
Yubikey Or Google Authenticator for 2FA??? Jerry writes, "I read yesterday that LastPass will now be able to use Yubikey Authenticators. What’s the big deal? Is it just faster? Why would I want this over a temp text code from LastPass or google Authenticator? Why would I want a Yubikey? Is it more secure Apple's face scanner?" Check the video to learn more how Yubico's YubiKey work with 2FA, if it's more secure than Google Authenticator, and if you want to use it on your phone
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Do Something Analog: More Maker Faire! Sharky Go Round, OpenROV's Trident Underwater Drone, The Super Origami Lego Machine, Airgami, the Computer History Museum, Tormach's Personal CNC Machine, Printrbot's Printrbelt, the Cardboard Robot Arena, Chabot Telescope Makers Workshop, and more: you asked for more Maker Faire coverage, and here it is!
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