Pirl USB Charger Hands On! Synology DS1618+ Review, Should You Shoot 1080p or 4k Phone Video??? -- TekThing ep 180

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4K or 1080p: Which should I shoot in??? Martin emailed ask@tekthing.com, "I have a Pixel 2 XL and the video recording is amazing, bit as I was looking at the features it got me thinking: what is a better default setting for shooting video: 4K at 30fps or 1080 at 60fps? I like to take my travel videos and edit them in Premier and wanted to get your thoughts and preferences." What you're shooting, where you watch the video, how much storage on your phone, the machine you run Premiere on all impact this decision. Watch the video to find out which to use! 
Synology 6 Bay DS1618+ NAS Review For most folks a 2 bay NAS like Synology's DS218+ is more than enough. For more storage and better data protection, a 4 bay NAS like Synology's DS418play is a -big- step up. A 6 bay NAS like Synology's new DS1618+ adds more storage and a faster processor. What does this mean for you? We've got a review in the video!
Pirl USB Charger Review We love a good multi-port USB charger, and the Pirl Charger is one of the nicest we've ever seen. It can provide 2.7A simultaneously across all four channels, offers discrete components for each of the 4 USB ports, and the FR4 and aluminum build is solid. Wait till you see the parts on the PCB in the video... Does it work? We've been hands on with samples from the first production run, find out if we'll jump on the Kickstarter in the video!
Windows 10 PIN Security A friend saw me using the PIN in Windows 10 and blew a gasket.... along the lines of "How can a four digit code be secure???" First up: don't let your friends stand behind you when you're entering passwords. Second, the Win10 PIN is more secure than I'd thought. Find out why in the video! 
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