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Romeo Saber 120V Portable Charger Review Romeo's Saber weighs 2.2 pounds, packs 86Wh (24000mAh), includes a 15W USB-C port, and, yes, a 120V plug on one end. Can it charge a gaming laptop? Can you legally carry it on a plane? Does the Bluetooth app work? How much does it cost? Watch the video to find out! 
Buy Mac OS X On USB Drive? TailsTheFox emailed ask@tekthing.com, "Is there any way to buy a mac OS X on USB? I lost MAC OSX instailling Windows 10 under Boot Camp." You can't buy OS X on a thumbdrive from Apple, but Recovery Mode should get OS X back onto your MacBook! If not, if have access to a second mac you can make a bootable thumb drive to install OS X. Good luck!
Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptop Review Is Lenovo's new Legion Y530 our pick for the best bargain gaming laptop? Hint: the fit and finish are excellent, it doesn't try to look like a spaceship, and the gaming was... watch the video to find out more! 
Visiting San Francisco? Chad, aka @armch33, tweeted, "I’m visiting San Francisco for the first time from TX this July. Any must see spots that I have to go enjoy?" Quite a few, actually, and not just the Golden Gate Bridge or Coit Tower. Watch the video to see our favorite places to take friends and family when they visit! (And why you should bring a fleece, even in August!) 
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Do Something Analog Like attend a Mini Maker Faire!!! They aren’t as big and overwhelming, but there’s still a ton of amazing making going on… we had our first Mini Maker Faire in Alameda a couple weeks ago. Patrick's youngest son built a SpinBot, his oldest tried Plastic Weaving, the SailDrone was epic, and we've got lots more from the Faire in the video. Go find your local Mini Maker Faire and see what kind of amazing things are up in your area! 
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