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Lenovo Smart Display What does every smart speaker need? How about a touchscreen??? OK, we weren't impressed with Amazon's Echo Show, the $230 Alexa Bluetooth speaker with a 7" screen. But Lenovo's new 10" Smart Display? If you're looking for something more than a big puffy speaker for Google Assistant, you'll want to watch our review!
Logitech Spotlight Presentation Can a slick remote like Logitech's Spotlight Presentation make public speaker easier? Shannon put it to the test in front of a crowd of security professionals! It's good to go on Windows or macOS, and can run PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, Google Slides, and Prezi. But before you spend $129.99 ($88.86 on Amazon) there's one flaw you should know about. Watch the review to find out what it is! 
Block Notifications From All Sites On Chrome! @lordbaal1 tweeted, "How do you block notifications in chrome? I have it set to block, but I still get popups that asks if I want notifications. Every time on tomshardware. It gets annoying. Even though I keep on saying no thanks, I still get asked. IT'S SO DAMN ANNOYING." We can related to telling 11,000 web pages, "NO I DO NOT WANT YOUR NOTIFICATIONS." We've got a nuclear option, it turns out you can block (or allow) notifications from all sites on Chrome!
Nokia 6.1 Review??? Chad emailed, "Can you check out the Nokia 6.1?  I’d love to hear how it compares to the Moto G6." We've got a comparison in the video Hint: we love the Snapdragon 630 processor and that it includes Android One (That means two years of updates straight from Google), but we've heard some things that worry us. Watch the video to find out what they are, and, yes, we'll try to get one in for testing!
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Do Something Analog Like getting your family reunion on at the beach in North Carolina! Shannon scored some beautiful sunset photos, met some sea turtles, and got to meet a gator
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