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Vegas Now Searches Hotel Rooms Do you travel in Vegas? There are new security policies at many hotels, that, to quote ArsTechnica, “mandated room searches when staff had not had access to rooms for over 24 hours.“ Sound chill? It was actually pretty scary. 
Defcon 26: Lots of Security Flaws Announced Millions of Android devices have flaws baked into the firmware that allow for potential exploits, such as someone listening to your microphone, take screenshots, or locking your device. Medtronic fixed flaws in some of their pacemakers, but attackers can still remotely attack other models. If your company uses Apple's Device Enrollment Program (or Mobile Device Management), there's a hack, you want to run High Sierra 10.13.6 or higher, Trend Micro found two dozen vulnerabilities in Crestron devices, flaws in Square, SumUp, iZettle, and Paypal mobile credit card readers were publicized by Positive Technologies, they're pretty serious and vendors are working on them. 
Defcon 26: Voting Machine Village One team cracked a voting machine in under 15 minutes. In another hack, an 11 year old was able to change election results on a replica website in under 10 minutes. Scared? Find out what the Association of Secretaries of State said in the video. 
Should I Buy This 4K TV??? Kris emailed, "Thought I'd ping you for your sage TV wisdom and advice. Any reason not to buy the LG 65 C8 for $2800?" Nope.... LG's C8 is pretty impressive (though not a huge leap over some other OLED models, we explain in the video, and discuss the best deal 4K UHD HDR TVs you can buy: TCL's 55" and 65" 6 series!
Google Tracks You Like It Or Not The AP reported earlier this week that, yes, Google tracks you even if you turn off location history. Or, in their words, "many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if you’ve used a privacy setting that says it will prevent Google from doing so." We walk you through turning it off in the video! 
Google Backup Codes If you have 2FA on your gmail account… make sure you have backup codes somewhere you can get to them if you lose or destroy your phone. You can pick up a cheap phone just about anywhere, but getting locked out of email sucks!
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