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AMD B450 Chipset for Ryzen CPUsRemember Patrick being all excited about the Ryzen 2 processors last week? Well, the day after we recorded that show, AMD released B450, a new chipset. For Ryzen... 
Oh Noes, I Could Have Had a Ryzen!!! Speaking of Ryzen 2, Mark recently "went with an Intel Core i5-8600," and asks, "Did I make the mistake of choosing the Core i5 over the Ryzen 5?" He doesn't do 3D modelling, video editing, or even use Handbrake much anymore... but he is getting back in to gaming. We discuss in the video!
New Nvidia GPUs August 20th??? Speaking of regrets... expect Nvidia to drop some new GPUs on a new architecture ... soon. Like maybe August 20th. The rumors are 1170 and/or2070 or 1180/2080 are starting to pick up speed, The Inquirer has what is supposed to be pix of a GTX 1180 PCB, and WCCFTECH has found what might be GTX 1170 benchmarks! Should you wait to buy a new GPU? Watch the video! 
Will Windows 10 Optimization Hurt My SSD??? Dan tweeted, "should I disable windows disk optimization and defrag my lenvo yoga 730 has a ssd and i don't want to Wear out the drive." We discuss how Windows knows when to TRIM and when to defrag in the video.
Malwarebytes Browser Extension Javier tweets, "I hope to see a review of the new Malwarebytes Browser Extension pretty soon. It looks promising." Shannon's got a review of the new new Malwarebytes Browser Extension, complete with demos of it blocking clickbait, ads, and phishing in the show! 
Encpyted Back Ups For Android Phones Jeff recently "had to wipe my phone's storage, and with it all my files, phone numbers, sms messages -- my whole life." He says he doesn't do local backups "nearly often enough (in my case, I lost about one month of data)." He says he'd "like to use an automated backup system, which stores the backup off the device (so "cloudy"), but all the Android solutions I've seen are unencrypted. I just don't want to hand strangers some of my most personal data. What’s the best way to set up an automatic, encrypted backup  of an Android device?  I'd  prefer to use Free Software, as that's very important to me." Encrypted backups are coming to Android 9 Pie (P), and it'll be on Pixel phones this week (We have lists of other phones getting Pie in the video.) Can't wait for P? Consider GCloud Backup, MyBackupPro... or, well, watch the video to find out! 
Zoom H1n Handy Recorder Field recording? Recording a prof at school? Just want something that sounds better than the mic built into your phone or camera so people can understand your videos??? We've got a review of Zoom's H1n Handy Recorder in the video! It's tiny compared to Zoom's legendary H4n, and we've got full review and audio samples in the video! 
Thanks Hak5!!! A big Thank You to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at hak5.org, then check out the superior pentesting and USB automation tools over at hak5.org/gear! Patrick's fave is still the Rubber Ducky… mac/windows/linux, it shows up as a USB HID… and then executes scripts at 1000 characters per second. So awesome, whether you’re rooting boxes or upgrading fifty machines w/ a new app. 
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