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NVIDIA RTX 20 Series GPUs!!! The rumors were true! Nvidia announced their new consumer 20 series GPUs last week, the RTX 2080Ti, 2080, and 2070, which use Nvidia's Turing architecture to bring real time real-time ray tracing (and quite a bit more) to consumer desktops. The videos on YT look gorgeous, but Shannon has been hands on with the new GPUs. Find out what she thinks, the pricing, -and if you should buy one now- in the video! 
How Long Does A Monitor Last??? Patrick had a chat with Dell about monitors, and got a big tip -think tripling the life of your LED panel! Find out why, how long monitors last, what 'wears it out' the most, and how often you should upgrade your monitor in the video! 
Android 9 Pie Review Android 9 Pie has just been officially released, and it's a big update. The entirety of the OS now has a minimalist approach, which - spoiler alert - is kind of annoying if you're a power user in some aspects. Find out why, along with the best and worst of Android 9 (What is up with the new Status Bar?!?) in the video! 
Your Favorite Chrome Extensions! We shared some of our favorite Chrome extensions last week, y'all sent us some of yours, including Dark Reader "for night and daily browsing," Bitwarden, Authy, Join, The Camelizer (instant CamelCamelCamel.com pricing!) and more... check the video! And thanks to our viewers, these are awesome!!! 
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