Dell XPS 15: Is This A Luxury Gaming Laptop??? NAS Offsite Backup with BackBlaze B2, Secure Email for Android, iDrive Review! -- TekThing 193

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Dell XPS 15 Review!!! Dell started shipping the 2018 XPS 15 this summer, packing in an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti, a ton of storage, and an optional 4K touch screen. Is this a luxury gaming laptop, a content creation machine, or both??? Watch the video to find out!!! 
Secure Android Email Clients??? @Bearface tweeted, "What (security conscious) Android app would you recommend for email? Thanks :)" For messages, this is easy, just run Signal. Secure email is tougher... find out why in the video, and why secure email tools like ProtonMail might not be the answer! (And, hey, don't forget MS Outlook!) 
Back Up Your 12TB NAS Offsite!!! Eric, aka @eric_the_read, tweets, "'I'm sure you guys have done a "how to back up your 12TB NAS" before, but having a little trrouble finding it in the archives. Do you remember when that was?" Not sure we've -ever- done that, so Patrick walks you through the price of backing up a Synology NAS to a service like Backblaze B2, how you do it, and how long it takes in the video! 
iDrive Review Greg's got some info on iDrive for Forstral, and says, "For the viewer wondering about iDrive, I have used it for a number of years as a cloud backup for some non-profits I help out with IT and networking issues." How did it work out??? Watch the video! 
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