RTX 2080 Performance, SureCall N-Range Cell Signal Booster, Nixplay Iris Photo Frame, Mac OS AV??? -- TekThing 195

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Nvidia RTX 2080, 2070, 2080Ti GPUS Nvidia's first 20 series RTX card, the RTX 2080 started shipping today. How fast is it on today's games compared to the 1080 and 1080Ti? Where are the gorgeous raytracing games? When will the 2080Ti and 2070 ship? How are the prices? Watch the video to find out!
Nixplay Iris Photo Frame Aura's smart picture frame is gorgeous, but pricey. Nixplay's Iris Photo Frame costs half as much on Amazon, but does it look nearly as good? Is the Nixplay as easy to use? Does it really use the power cord as a stand? Watch the video to find out!
SureCall N-Range Cell Booster You might think cell signal boosters are only useful in the middle of nowhere, but we tested SureCall's new N-Range Cell Booster in Patrick's home town, which has some seriously bad reception. Built around their "Extended Range Technology," did the N-Range improve signal strength, data speeds, or voice quality? Watch the video to find out!
Mac OS X Antivirus??? Patrick emailed, "I am looking for a good antivirus solution for my MacBook pro with all the different vulnerabilities going around lately." Try Sophos or Avast... Macworld says their still tops!
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Do Something Analog like swimming with dolphins! Shannon says, "You can find them off the coast of Hawaii and if you're lucky... you can swim with them in the wild. Best. Moment. Ever.!!!"
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