Orbi Voice: Alexa Smart Speaker In A Mesh Router?!? Alienware AW988 Gaming Headset, Best Handbrake Settings for Blu-ray!!! -- TekThing 196

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ALEXA EVERYWHERE Amazon dropped a ton of Echo gear that aims to bring Alexa everywhere... even an Echo Microwave. Are they kidding?!?
Netgear Orbi Voice!!! One example of Alexa Everywhere is Netgear's latest addition to it's Orbi lineup of mesh routers: the Orbi Voice Smart Speaker/WIFI Mesh Satellite. Literally an Orbi satellite, with a built in Harmon Karden designed speaker, and Alexa. How does it sound? What's it cost? Will it blend in your living room? Watch the video to find out!
Alienware AW988 Gaming Headset Review Alienware's AW988, their first gaming headset in YEARS just came out: $199.99 on Dell.com. They pack lots of LEDs and a shape that looks... Alienware. How do they fit and sound??? Is the software worth installing? Shannon's got a review in the video!
Blu-ray Settings For Handbrake??? Michael writes, "I would like to know what your favorite Handbrake settings are for Blu-ray content. Over the last couple of months, I have been investing in our family’s Plex library by digitizing all of our television series and movies." What's "the magic balance between (audio and video) quality and file size." Shannon walks you through the settings and options in the video... and don't forget to check out the guides on www.rokoding.com!
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Do Something Analog Like Joe, who writes, "I’d like to share one of my favorite summertime analog things to do— making delicious homemade pesto!" Some gorgeous garden photos in the video, and here's the recipe:

I have a garden just outside my back door, and every summer I grow strawberries, tomatoes, and basil. I usually get three or four huge batches of pesto out of the basil plants during the year, which means my freezer is always stocked with the stuff.

--Here’s how I do it:
(1) Start with 2-3 mature basil plants:
(2) Cut the leaves off, leaving enough on the plants so they can regenerate for the next batch.
(3) Wash the leaves, remove the stems, and crush 4-5 cloves of garlic.
(4) Toast some pine nuts.
(5) Toss the basil, garlic, pine nuts, and some parmesan cheese and olive oil into the food processor and give it a spin.
(6) Here’s the finished product:
(7) Finally, toss your favorite pasta with the pesto and serve. A perfect summertime dinner!

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