25 More Products from CES 2019!!! -- TekThing 212

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Lenovo's Yoga A940 27" All-in-One! Watch out Surface Studio, Lenovo's Yoga A940 27" AiO's slick Precision Dial has tons of Adobe CS integration, and built in wireless phone charging!
HyperX Quadcast Microphone HyperX has a new mic for game streamers to get their Twitch on.... the Quadcast! Deets in the video!
Hyperx Cloud Orbit S, Cloud, & Cloud Alpha Gaming Headsets The new Cloud Orbit S is a HyperX $330 take on the $400 Audeze Mobius planar magnetic headset. The $99 "dual chamber" Cloud headset gets an update this year, too!
HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB ram Need some LED action inside your case? HyperX is launcing 3200 Mhz DDR4 16GB Sticks in Q2!
Kingston KC2000 and A2000 SSDs Kingston will release the KC2000 NVMe (256GB-2TB) and A2000 M.2 SSDs in late March.
ThermalTake WaterRam You can use ThermalTake's WaterRam RGB Liquid Cooling Memory  as massive passive heat sinks, or plumb them into your liquid cooling system! Deets in the video!
HyperX Pulsefire Raid mouse HyperX's Pulsefire Raid mouse offers 16,000 DPI sensitivity and 11 programmable buttons. Great rubber padding on the thumbrest!
Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse The latest Harpoon RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse adds Slipstream wireless tech and 10,000 DPI resolution.
Sponsored By Dell: Alienware Area-51m Special thanks to Dell for sponsoring this episode of TekThing. Learn more about the Alienware Area-51m - it packs a desktop CPU and GPU you can upgrade in a 17” gaming laptop!!!
GE at CES? John emailed ask@tekthing.com, "Can you report on the smart home products that GE is showing at CES this year?" The GE Kitchen Hub, an exhaust hood meets 27" flatpanel with Google, and more, in the video!
June Convection Oven Ever want to watch your food cooking without opening the door? June's Convection Oven has an app for that! $599 in February.
Google Assistant: SONOS, JBL, LG The SONOS  Beam and One have Google Assistant in beta now, LG and JBL will deliver soundbars with Assistant built in.
Lumen Metabolism Sensor Breathe into the Lumen Metabolism Sensor, and company says it will measure your CO2 ouput and 'tell you your daily metabolism.' August, $249.
ECS LIVA One, Amazon Alexa Enabled The latest  8x7x1.2 inch ECS LIVA One packs Amazon and 8th gen Intel CPUs!
WiFI 6 Shipping Now! Netgear's 802.11ax Nightawk AX8 (aka the RAX80) is shipping on Amazon now. The RBK50 Orbi Whole House Wi-Fi System will get WiFI 6 later in 2019. (Love the new design!)
Razer Commuter Scooter On the hunt for an electric scooter? Shannon found the Razer Commuter Scooter, 20-22 pounds, brakes and throttle on the handle, E-prime Air, and under $500. Availabilty: 2019. HTC VIVE COSMOS, $349 Rift! Facebook cut the price of the Oculus Rift to $349 at the beginning of CES week, and HTC announced the VIVE COSMOS.
New MEURAL CANVAS Meural's third gen Meural Smart Canvas looks gorgeous, a 21.5" model will join the current 27" panel size.
Arcade 1Up Arcade 1UP has four new titles in their line of classic arcade cabinets coming in 2019... deets in the video!
Alienware Party! Last week we said we were at the NVIDIA party... it was actually the Alienware Party! The Glitch Mob rocked it!!!
Do Something Analog Like Matt, who sent a video of his CES adventures to ask@tekthing.com!
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