Alienware m15 Review, RTX 2060 Price, Release Date, CES 2019: What We Expect To See!!! -- TekThing 210

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CES 2019 Is Coming!!! We expect tons of laptops, 5G updates, we’re doubtful on 802.11x/WiFi 6, but we’re already seeing Ryzen 9 spec leaks, not to mention Nvidia 2600 pricing (and a ship date at their press conference)... gaming laptops, VR, 3D printing??? Watch the video!
Alienware m15 Laptop Review The AlienwareHive folks sent out review units of their 2018 Alienware m15 gaming laptop to influencers like Shannon in December… the first one failed, but the replacement has no problems. Is this 15.6” Core i7, GTX 1070 powered gaming laptop a worthy upgrade to her Razor??? Watch the video to find out!
Do You Use Smart Locks With Google Home? @devnulldroid tweeted, "have y'all ever done any episodes on smart locks? I can't recall and was thinking about a Nest x Yale. Want something that works with Google Home. Thanks and keep up the amazing work!" We talk August Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro, the Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect, what it takes to get them running, and if we use them ourselves in the video!
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Do Something Analog Like Patrick and his family, who went snowshoeing up in Yosemite, and found some bear (or Mountain Lion???) and rabbit tracks! Pix in the video, and our thanks to the Park Rangers that kept watch over Yosemite during the holiday!
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