GTX 1660 Ti: Forget the GTX 1070 & 1060! Lenovo Legion Y7000p Gaming Laptop, Your Battlestations! - TekThing 218

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Nvida GTX 1660 Ti Last week Nvidia announced their latest GPU, the GTX 1660 Ti, kind of a first cousin to the RTX 2060, without the fancy DLSS or RTX raytracing. Sebastian Peak, Editor in Chief, joins us to talk performance, and if this is the new GTX 1060!
Lenovo Legion Y7000p Review We love budget gaming laptops… with RTX 2060 GPUs coming to mobile, can a GTX 1060 powered machine like Lenovo’s latest Legion, the 15.6" Y7000p still hang? Is it worth your money??? Hands on review in the video!
SyncToy Alternatives We mentioned Resilio Sync last week, a non-hosted Dropbox alternative for syncing folders… you had a ton of alternatives to SyncToy, including Karen’s Replicator, and FreeFileSync. Details in the video!
Your Battlestations! Last week we asked for you to send us your Battlestation photos, and boy... did y'all come through on that request! We’ve got photos from Robert, Bill, Jim, John, Alex, and Glytch in the video!
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