Nixplay Seed Wave: Best Digital Photo Frame 2019? Apex Legends: New GPU or Monitor First? USB 4.0! -- TekThing 219

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USB 4.0 Is Coming!Last week the USB Implementers Forum renamed USB 3.2 and 3.1… this week? The next gen USB 4.0 standard! Info on how fast, when it’s gonna ship, and if it’s just Thunderbolt 3 with a new name in the video!
Upgrade GPU or Monitor First??? Jay has an “older AMD 260x 2gig card,” can’t get the FPS he wants out of Apex Legends, and asks, “Should I upgrade to a good 4 or 8 gig card or a new 27 inch 1 or 2 ms monitor?” We’ve got answers for Jay, and info on the best GPUs for Apex Legends in the video, and -definitely- read GamersNexus’ “Apex Legends Video Card Benchmark & Best GPUs at 1080p, 1440p, 4K.”
BATTLESTATION OF THE WEEK Sam writes, “As a pen tester who works from home mostly I utilize a pair of ultra-wide monitors on an IKEA desk, soon to be upgrading it with some electric legs to convert it into a standing desk. Huge fan of the show, keep up the great work!” Thanks, Sam! You can see his computer desk in the video!
Nixplay Seed Wave Digital Photo Frame Shannon loved Nixplay’s original digital photo frame, saw the new Nixplay Seed Wave at CES, and today has a review of the 13.3" smart photo frame with speakers built into the back. Does your photo frame need Bluetooth speakers? Does it look better than the original? Watch the video to find out!
Cheap USB C Docks??? We know that bad USB C cables can cause problems for your phones or laptops, Sayed tweets, “is it better to get branded USB-C adapter ? Or some generic Chinese usb-c adapter can work too ? Without harming my connected devices to it ? I'm talking about usb-c adapters which comes with usb ports,HDMI,lan and card readers.” Answers in the video!
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Do Something Analog Like Scott, who says, “I have a really nice Analog picture for y'all from my last Japan trip. This is at the Hama-rikyu Garden in Chuo, Tokyo. It was a super rainy day and a wonderful place to walk through....just wish I had remembered my umbrella or a hat.” Beautiful, Scott!
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