GTX 1660 Overclock! Lenovo Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop Review, Computer Desk Mods, Google Stadia! -- TekThing 221

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Google Stadia! We were excited that Apple updated the iMac this morning... new CPUs and AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPUS... and then Google launched their special keynote from the Game Developers Conference: Google Stadia,  aka, anybody can play badass PC games without a PC. Really???
Nvida’s GTX 1660 (Not Ti) Overclock! Last week Nvidia released the $219 and up GTX 1660 -NOT Ti! Our friends at PCPer got deep into the benchmarks... It's an excellent 1080p gaming card selling for less than the GTX 1060's launch price. Is it worth your money? Is it faster than a 1660 Ti when you overclock it? Watch the video, as we use AfterBurner to overclock MSI’s GeForce GTX 1660 Ventus XS 6G OC!
Lenovo Legion Y740 Review Lenovo’s Legion Y740 gaming laptop packs RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics and a Core i7 CPU. That promises serious performance for the 144Hz 15” screen, but did they manage to keep it quiet, or does it sound like a jet??? Are there really LEDs in the exhaust vents? Does it still manage to look professional? Does it support HDR? Watch the video!
Battlestation Mods! Komei emailed with some tips to make your battlestation, or computer desk, easier to use! Find out the cool fixes and mods he’s made using Car Dash Sticky Pads, Silver Sharpies, labels, and his 3D printer in the video!
You can automate SyncToy! Tom emails, “I caught your segment about SyncToy on Episode 217 and you can in fact automate it. SyncToy has a command line executable as well, so it can be automated with Windows Task Scheduler.” All the deets, and info on automating FreeFileSync are in the video!
What Are You Looking At??? John tweeted, “@patricknorton I have to ask because I see you looking off to an area behind the camera in just about every episode. 😀What are you looking at? @TekThing” The answer is in the video!
50 micron is -not- .5mm! David Germain posted on, "50 micron is 0.05mm - not .5mm" Derp… you are correct, sir. Monoprice's Mini Delta does 50 micron, aka .05mm layers in fine mode!
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Do Something Analog! Like Patrick’s boys, “who are heavily invested in studying the phylum Mollusca via our local Brown garden snail, aka Brown garden snail.” (There might be a snail habitat in the video…)
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