iOS 12.2 Top 5 Updates! Free Encrypted File Transfers w/ Firefox Send, Killed By Google Is Amazing! -- TekThing 222

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KilledByGoogle is amazing. And a little depressing.
Five Favorite Features in iOS 12.2!!! iOS 12.2 is something every iOS user should install if and when it's available on your device… we talk about the 51 security updates and our fave new features in the video!
Should You Restart Your Phone Regularly??? Hadi tweeted, “@Snubs @TekThing Is it good practice to restart your phone even if nothing is wrong? If so how often and why? On the Samsung S10 under "Device Care" there is a setting to "refresh with auto restart." Should I use this feature or not?”
Battlestations! This week’s battlestation comes from Kaitlin… and it’s amazing, and we loved the network rack, and the project on the workbench, too! Check the video see an Xbox 360 Mini ITX PC mod in the video!
Send Encrypted Files w/ Firefox Send Free end to end encrypted file transfers up to 2.5 GB from Mozilla? Shannon reviews Firefox Send in the video! (Look, the code is up on GitHub!)
Stadia = Vaporware??? Apple Arcade RP emails, “Seriously, why isn't Stadia considered vaporware? No real demo, no pricing, no date of availability. At least MagicLeap had investors giving it $10B and does anyone not consider that vaporware?” We talk MagicLeap (and correct some misinformation), Google’s Stadia, why they aren't vaporware (yet), Apple Arcade, and in the video!
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Do Something Analog! And remember ... once in awhile... put down the phone, step away from the screen, close the laptop... and do something analog, like go to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum!!!
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