New i9 CPUS for Laptops!!! Mobile Hotspots for International Travel, Best Speakers for Gaming! -- TekThing 226

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Gaming Audio Upgrade Logan's looking to upgrade the audio on his desktop and wants to know what speakers we’d pair with EVGA’s NuAudio sound card. It’s a great sound card, but you’re gonna need an amp for your speakers! We have speaker and amp reccos, and why we wouldn’t drop $250 on a sound card first in the video!
Best Int’l Hotspot Scott occasionally travels abroad, and wants to know what “options are there for mobile hotspots that I can swap the sim card in when I get to my destination?” Shannon talks why swapping carriers might make this easier, along with SkyRoam and Teppy, and why they might be more limited than you’d like.
Battlestation!!! Ant emailed, “So here's my workspace. Yes it is a mess, but so was Einstein's desk.... ;) On the left, two risers with a port replicator and ThinkPad attached as when I'm not creating content, I'm supporting ol' school .4gl apps via Informix and SQL.” Find out what else Ant’s got on his battlestation in the video, and check out his new podcast!
New Intel CPUS!!! Intel announced the 9th gen Core Mobile CPUs this Tuesday, from the  i9-9980HK 8 core 16 thread 5Ghz (Turbo) beast, along with a host of more affordable 45W TDP H series mobile processors for high end laptops. And if you didn’t catch the other announcement Intel made, there were new 9th gen desktop CPUs announced, too, from i9 right down to Pentium Gold and Celeron models!
Thanks Hak5!!! A big thanks to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at, then head over to such and check out the Plunder Bug, “a pocket-sized LAN Tap that lets you "bug" Ethernet connections with USB-C convenience!”
Do Something Analog Like Mark, who’s adding “epoxy chip floor, diamond plate aluminum trim, a finish-flag checkered wainscoting,” to “the shop my daughter, son in law, and I built several years ago.” Last week he built a workbench! See it in the video, or on Mark’s site!
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